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3 Strange Things That Happened When I Started Meditating

Akumu Fiona- Artist - Kenya

Meditation is something I started due to some kind of desperation. It was early 2018 and I had had enough of my Formula 1-type racing thoughts and ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts).

I needed something to cool things down a little. Or at least, place the thoughts in slow motion.

So, thanks to Tim Ferriss and the mention in his podcasts, I downloaded Headspace and began a meditation practice.

I started with 5 minutes a day.

It was a struggle to think only about my breathing. So the 5 minutes were actually 1-2 minutes of successful meditating. But it is called a 'practice' for a reason.

I didn't give up. I kept going. And eventually, I bumped myself up to 20 minutes.

But before then, a few strange things started happening (Cue in the X-Files soundtrack).

1. Lucidly Lucid Dreaming

There's lucid dreaming and then there's the one above that. Lucidly lucid dreaming.

With that I mean, being hyper-aware of the self while watching that same self dreaming in lucid fashion.

The first time it happened, I was left weirded out. How could I be so aware of my dreaming self like never before? It was even a little spooky. It was like stepping into a new dimension of dreaming only you knew exactly what was happening while it was happening or while you were making it happen.

I honestly know no better way to explain it than that.

I was simply hyper-aware while being aware of my dreaming.

Three dimensions.

2. No More Autopilot Emotions

Before I started meditating, my emotions ran the show. They were the be all end all of the Broadway Show called my life.

Every time something seemingly significant happened in my day, my emotions would come in to direct my reactions.

A rude man on the street? Curse out all men that day. A distracted waiter? Eat in annoyance throughout the entire meal. An annoying meeting at work? Complain about it for the rest of the day.

But after I began meditating, I started catching myself in these emotional cycles right before they happened. I'd feel the reaction being suggested in my mind I'd short-circuit it.

Of course, there were times when I chose against the short-circuiting and the reaction came out in full force. And oh how I'd regret it afterwards.

Regardless of the momentary hiccups, I'm thankful that I finally have the reins to my emotional wellbeing.

3. New Oneness With The Universe

This was probably the strangest of the meditation side effects.

I never ever sat down and considered myself one with the Universe or one with the rest of the living beings around me.


But after I started meditating, it became common practice! Every time I focused on my breathing and even better, my heartbeat, I felt like I was one with the Universe. I still do to this day.

And thanks to meditation, I also started being more compassionate with insects and animals. Suddenly, I didn't feel like serial-killing insects any more. I also didn't feel like being superbly scared of animals anymore, particularly the domesticated ones.

I started talking to them when I saw them and began understanding their language!

OK. I'm joking!

But, the talking to them actually happens. The understanding bit, however, is more about their existence and their being. I'm more understanding that they are living beings just like I am. And that we are all one with the Universe.


I still meditate to date (despite a long break last year) and these strange things continue to happen.

Do you meditate?

Have you ever experienced any of the above? Or other strange things? Would love to hear from you!

Until then, seize your potential.



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