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Become A Sponge Of At Least One Thing

Whether you are a nut for self-improvement or not, there is a lot that can be learnt every single day. Be it from a song, a book, a podcast, a TV show, a YouTube video, a movie, a tweet or even a conversation.

There's just so much to learn!

But here's the thing. How conscious are we about what we learn from whatever we are consuming?

This is a question I asked myself recently and from it came a new realisation.

That realisation is that I need to give myself a goal with every 'session of consumption' if I might call it that.

You see, I'm the type of person who loves to read, watch, and listen to self-help and personal growth material by default. I believe that there is always something new to learn about how to become a better human.

However, the problem comes in when I find myself in the consumption cycle without any particular goal in mind. Which means there are times I have consumed something and at the end of it, I've remained unchanged by it.

I know, I know- it's a lot to ask to expect to be changed by everything that I read, watch or listen to. It's a lot to ask.

So I made a tiny compromise on that ask.

I decided that I need to expect to be changed by at least one thing. Just one. One big or tiny thing. As long as it's something.

So today, with everything I consume online or in a book, I expect to get at least one learning out of each session whether it's something to know, something to do or something to feel.

It gives a lot more purpose to my numerous consumption activities and helps me stay aware in the moment.

No more "just for the sake of it" and a lot more "hmm, this is one thing I've learnt".

What's running through my mind now is how I can document those learnings regularly.

Maybe I can do it in regular blog posts?

Well, I don't know yet.

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