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Those Truth-Seeking Journeys

I call a journey truth-seeking if it sees you walk away from what is comfortable and familiar in order to learn something new or specific and in the end you get much much more than you bargained for.

Being in an unfamiliar place is always a great way to learn something new about that thing that Destiny is trying to whisper to you.

Of course staying in your comfort zone is easy and manageable. It is that safe place where nothing is challenging you to test your values, your beliefs or your character

Nothing is challenging you to think about what you stand for or what you live by.

Nothing is challenging you intellectually, to think about how you look at things.

Nothing is challenging you strongly with problems that you have to deal with on your own.

Nothing is challenging you constantly, to question some of what/who you are.

Nothing is challenging you to imagine deeply about what you would like to spend the rest of your life doing.

Well, some would say that staying in their comfort zone can still be challenging if a new experience is taken up…could be true.

There are a lot of people who are content with staying in their town, city or country and would do it till their dying days. And then there are some of us who just cant sit still for too long.

How would the world be if everyone was a traveller? Perhaps there would be no countries, no immigration departments and best of all, no visas!

How would the world be if everyone was a non-traveller? Most definitely, there would be no new knowledge(which I like to call ‘Ignorance’), there would have been no colonialism, there would have been no racism, there would be much much fewer people on earth, there would be too much complacency….ah..the thought of all...... well....

Some of the above will just open a pandora's let's stick to this point....

Seems the world needs travellers…and it tends to be a much MUCH better place with travellers of the truth-seeking kind.

There is nothing more rewarding than that journey taken to a place different from your own to learn and do things you would have never thought you would do or things you would have never done in the same way back home; to meet people you would have never imagined of meeting; to learn about things you would have never learnt; to learn from people you would have never met.

Such a journey is priceless.

Whatever you end up spending to go for it, TRUST ME, it is nothing compared to what you gain!

Maybe you become someone else by it….or maybe…just maybe, you become who you are meant to be.

So go on, get out there!

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