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The Promises I Never Keep

I wrote this during a moment of inspiration some years back.

You know, one of those moments when you sit down and dream of how you can change things in your life for the better.

I sat down and wrote these simple yet deep promises to myself.

They still resonate with me today…and mostly since they are hardly accomplished on a recurring basis.

Here goes:

I will plan

I will plan more and well in advance but still be happily aware of the present

I will live fully

I will live my life to the fullest and do what I enjoy as long as it builds me; as long as it doesn’t break me

I will forgive and move on

I will forgive, acknowledge the bad, learn from it and move on

I will not be afraid

I will not be afraid to go for what I believe is part of the life I want to live

I will cherish

I will cherish my ideas and act on those that I have to; Cherish others, especially those I need in my life

I will create

I will create and be creative with every aspect of my life: as long as it is legal and progressive

I will listen

I will listen to what is said around me so as to learn from others and better use the extra GBs of brain space I always have left

I will give my all

I will give my all to promote all-rounded excellence in everything I do

I will inspire others

I will inspire others to live life at their best and to become the best versions of themselves

I will enjoy beauty

I will enjoy the beauty of everyday and acknowledge it whenever possible

I will think

I will think up my decisions carefully and efficiently

I will act

I will act on my positive whims when I need to: If it comes to my mind then it needs to be acted on right away!

I will make the best

I will make the best out of all situations to enhance my experience and over-extend my potential

I will speak out

I will speak out when I need to and do it appropriately; at best, encourage others to do the same

I will believe

I will believe beyond what is possible and what is impossible

Now the hard part: Implementation!


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