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A life-changing quote, a useful online course, juicy vision boarding and one awe-inspiring podcast

I'm back for yet another dose of five fantastic discoveries.

Five fantastic discoveries I'm just dying to share - and dying to save for posterity and for the benefit of my future faulty memory.

This right here is quite unique because it includes things I love obsessing over.

It includes the following: one of my favourite quotes of all time; a very useful and FREE online course; amazing vision boarding ideas from recent light bulb moments and a new gem of a podcast!

Let's get to it, shall we?

1. Artistically worded wisdom by Andy Warhol

I have to thank my favourite Youtuber, Peter McKinnon, for this one. He mentioned it in passing in one of his videos and I immediately forgot what he was saying.

I quickly jumped onto Google and looked for the entire quote.

Once I got it, I read it no less than 10 times. I internalized it, dissected it, articulated it and damn near crammed it! It's one of my absolute favorite quotes right now. Definitely in the top five.

You've probably seen it if you've snooped around the video page of this website. Here it is:

Akumu FIona - Quotes - Artist

Such a beautiful reminder for us artists and creatives! That we need to create. That we need to create continuously. That we need to create no matter what!

We need to create because we want to. Because we can. Because we should.

We simply need to create art for its own sake!

Enough said.

2. A Creative Thinking Online Course

One the top skills that will be necessary for the next one, two or even ten decades, is creativity. This is and will be true regardless of whether AI swoops in and takes over our lives. Regardless of whether we will indeed become an inter-planetary species. Regardless of whether aliens finally figure out how to communicate with us.

Creativity is a must. It's as much a must now as it will be in future.

And that's why any course that claims to teach it is a godsend.

Like this one by Imperial College London on edX. It's timely, it's useful and best of all, it's FREE (at least for now)! As I write this, I've already done a portion of it. I should be done soon so that I can write (and actually brag) about my newly found knowledge.

3. Yet another one from TED with an x

Since I suck (like really really suck) at keeping up with the timelines on my goals, I look for every possible hack to get better. Anything that can give me even a mere one percentile hope of improvement is always welcome.

This TEDxRainier talk by Patti Dobrowolski was a great find. All thanks to YouTube suggestions! It presents an interesting take on vision boarding.

It wasn't that the content was new to me. Much of it wasn't. The magic of this talk is in its delivery.

Forget the one percentile hope of improvement that I've always wished for. This one dropped five on me!

Watch out, future! My goals and I are fully charging ahead!

4. And speaking of vision boarding....

My niece played a nice little trick on me recently. She sent me a fabricated online news story with my name plastered on it. Before I realised that the whole thing didn't actually exist, she came clean. It was her way of saying that she was inspired by my online creations and wished that I would one day be immortalised in that way.

She used this little trick on Google Chrome that allows inspired people like her to edit the HTML code of a page temporarily.

After she sent me the screenshot, I was superbly impressed and touched by her support. I also realised that she had just gifted me with a simple and effective way of doing vision boarding!

Thanks a million F! You are a superstar! And definitely the youngest one I know.

5. My newest podcast obsession

In case you don't know this yet, I love podcasts. They are, by far, the best way to spend my ears when I'm not listening to neosoul or some audiobook.

Although I have A LOT of great ones that I'm already subscribed to, I never mind adding new ones to my list. Especially if they are fantastic.

My newest obsession is The James Altucher Show.

James is such an interesting guy. And a normal superhuman too. He doesn't try to seem or sound better than the rest of us mortals. He's open about his faults, he's totally curious (definitely my kind of human) and he asks the best questions! That already makes his podcast fantastic even without noting that he always has brilliant guests to interview.

My advice is go find it and binge on it.


So, to summarise:

That's five from me. How about you?

What awesome thing did you discover recently?

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