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Artist | Wordsmith | Content Crafter | Podcaster



To most people, I'm a

pencil artist, wordsmith, content crafter, podcaster, social media marketing scientist, graphics tinkerer, startup inventor, embryonic author, mental health-ivist, and non-fiction book obsessor. 


To others, I'm a stunt traveller, anything is possible-ist, epic rebel, random hustler, nutcase teacher, lifelong student, inebriated dancer, coincidental leader, extreme overthinker, one-hit-wonder pageant/fashion model, esoteric comedian, some-kind-of hippie, introverted autodidact, introverted extrovert, extroverted introvert, self-confessed geek, occasional badass, neurodivergent mutant, Afro hair magician, self-accepting weirdo, and MacGyvering jeweller.


It has taken what seems like centuries to figure this out but I've finally realised why my mother (best mum in the world) had to "invent" me, care for me, nurture me, then survive my antics over the years. It was so that I could live to see a day when all I do and want to do is create or put together art and content that entertains, inspires or educates.


My ideal day involves me creating.

During my scheduled free time, I'm either devouring a non-fiction book, getting smarter via a podcast, working a new podcast episode, getting fit at a gym, exercising my shaky Spanish, creating a piece of art, editing a piece of jewellery, trying hard not to write bad poetry, honing my entrepreneur skills, concocting YouTube videos or reels, formulating a blog post, studying anything interesting concerning the brain, reading about AI and machine learning or figuring out how to code


During my not-so-free free time, I'm either practising the latest scrolling techniques on Instagram, falling into Youtube's and/or Netflix’s algorithmic trap or getting sucked into some Wikipedia rabbit hole.


Before developing an allergy to office settings i.e. becoming a freelancer and a remote worker (or digital nomad), I was a social media content creator and editor at Marketing & PR agencies in Kenya, an English teacher in Colombia and Venezuela, an expansion lead at a tech firm in Nigeria, an intern at a Marketing firm in Kenya, and the National President of AIESEC in Kenya.


13 years and 38 countries later,

there's a lot to look back on. Any kind of useful sanity (and insanity) projected by my persona pays ode to four major factors.


The genetic fortune bestowed by my epic parents, mind-blowing developmental experiences milked from AIESEC, the brain-washing concepts from fantastic books, and (on a VERY minor scale) the hilarious lessons taught by my modelling days when I dabbled in pageants - first in college and later as Miss Commonwealth/Global Kenya 2005-2006.


Yaddi yaddi yadda.


If you're still reading this, down to this particular futile sentence, you're a rockstar. Which means you might actually tolerate the harping on my blog or even go as far as reading my free e-book (it’s still in the kitchen). You are exactly my kind of human. The awesome kind of human. I appreciate you :)

PS: Check out the latest podcast episodes resulting from some epic Yes Challenges I do with Claire Baker in the name of ditching our comfort zones: The #YesGirlsPodcast.